Runaway Bay Lions Club

District 201Q1 Queensland Australia

About Us

Runaway Bay Lions Club strives to serve the suburbs of Runaway Bay, Hollywell, Paradise Point, Coombabah, Biggera Waters, Anglers Paradise and surrounding areas.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things - supporting a diverse range National programs in Health, Youth and Disabled.

Underpinning all our program is a whole range of local initiatives, based in our local community, to serve our local community

We meet twice monthly, 7pm, on the second Wednesday of each month we hold our Business Meeting  and we hold a dinner meeting on the fourth Wednesday of each month. The Business meeting venue is Paradise Point Uniting Church and Dinner meeting venue is Dublin Docks Tavern.


Come along, your most welcome. Be a part of the change. Join the Runaway Bay Lions Club.


    Lion Bob Hopgood 1995  
    Lion Peter Kidston 2012  
    Lion Shirley Hopgood 2014  
    Lion Bruce Ede 2015  





Lion Bob Hopgood

Lion Bernie Scobie

Lion Jean McNeill

Lion Geoff Lauff

Lion Steve Grech

Lion John McKee


Club Years of Service

to Community

Year President Secretary Treasurer








P Turnell

P Turnell


S Grech

S Grech


G Lauff

G Lauff

42 2016-17 J McNeill F Stewart / G Lauff S Grech
41 2015-16 M Tunnicliffe F Stewart S Grech
40 2014-15 J McNeill G Lauff P Kidston / S Grech
39 2013-14 J McNeill G Lauff S Ballis
38 2012-13 P White G Lauff S Ballis
37 2011-12 J Meier B Scobie P Kidston
36 2010-11 C Walker B Scobie P Kidston
35 2009-10 C Walker B Scobie P Kidston
34 2008-09 B Ede B Scobie P Kidston
33 2007-08 B Ede B Scobie P Kidston
32 2006-07 P White B Scobie P Kidston
31 2005-06 J McKee B Scobie P Kidston
30 2004-05 J McKee B Scobie P Kidston
29 2003-04 P Garea B Scobie P Kidston
28 2002-03 P Garea B Scobie P Kidston
27 2001-02 B Hopgood J McKee H Dreyer
26 2000-01 B Hopgood J McKee J Ferguson
25 1999-00 H Dreyer J McKee B Hopgood
24 1998-99 R Salisbury J Dreyer J McKee
23 1997-98 E McCarthy J Ferguson L Johnson
22 1996-97 P Garea E McCarthy T Arnold
21 1995-96 J Cutcliffe J McKee C Cassar
20 1994-95 M Saunders J Imbruglia T Arnold
19 1993-94 B Hopgood J McKee J Cutccliffe
18 1992-93 R McCarthy E McCarthy E Haig
17 1991-92 R Haydon J Ferguson L Johnson
16 1990-91 M Crake P Crotty F Smith
15 1989-90 L Johnson P Crotty T Arnold
14 1988-89 J Imbruglia J Sciacca E McCarthy
13 1987-88 T Arnold J McKee H Houstein
12 1986-87 E Martin J McKee H Houstein
11 1985-86 J Sciacca J Embruglia E McCarthy
10 1984-85 H Houstein G Connington E McCarthy
9 1983-84 G McKenzie J Ferguson P Crotty
8 1982-83 G Webb B Gurnett P Astill
7 1981-82 J McKee I Darlington H Houstein
6 1980-81 B Smith N Mundt F Greenslade
5 1979-80 J Ferguson J Judd D Barter
4 1978-79 C McCarthy G Webb H Houstein
3 1977-78 N Mundt D Salter J Jimmieson
2 1976-77 B Hopgood J Ferguson J Jimmieson
1 1975-76 J Roberts G Quigley M McCoy